the Hitman trilogy

30 10 2008

i’m not a gamer by any standards, but i do like the occasional immersion into a fantasy world. all the better if it involves using weapons :P. the urge to play usually comes and goes, and lasts perhaps a week or two. when i was living hand-to-mouth in grad school, i’d download demo versions from, and  have hours of fun with games like Red Faction, Deus Ex, Delta Force, and perhaps my all-time favorite FPS – the Hitman series. unlike most such games, which don’t care how much blood you spill on the way to your objective, Hitman actually requires you to proceed with stealth and caution, and minimize “collateral damage”. it also offers opportunities to disguise yourself, and use sedatives to temporarily disable opponents. the 2nd and 3rd series in the trilogy also have very nice graphics.

i recently got a $25 gift card from work, and amazon is selling the trilogy for $29.99, with free shipping :):). i think it’s a buy.



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