Southwest knows customer service

30 11 2010

Southwest just aced Zagat’s latest Airline Survey, and given our recent experience booking with them, I’m not surprised. They have one of the best check-in luggage policies among domestic US airlines (sadly, their policy is what used to be standard across the board just a couple of years ago, until the greed that permeates this industry caught up), great fares, an increasing number of served destinations, and absolutely the best customer service.

An example of the latter is the call-back feature on their phone lines. While booking our tickets for our upcoming Disney trip, I was trying to track down the Child Fare, and ended up calling Southwest. A robovoice informed me that there was a wait, and if I left a number, they’d call me back when my turn came! Incredibly simple, and probably costs them nothing, but I no longer had to spend 20 minutes glued to my phone listening to horrible ’80s music. Just brilliant – every customer service number should come with this option! Well done Southwest. Now, if they could only find a way to get us around those obnoxious TSA pat-downs.



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