digitizing my music collection

2 12 2008

now that we’ve finally given in and gotten iphones, am revved up to digitize our music collection. what’s the connection? well, there’s this very cool iphone app called remote, which basically lets you control itunes through your iphone. with all our music on a hard drive connected to a pc, i can use the iphone to control itunes running on said pc, and stream music through airport express to our home theater. talk about a connected home :). so here’s a list of what i’ll need:

1. old pc – check – dell inspiron 4150
2. external hard drive – TBG
3. airport express – check

time to go shopping for an external hard drive. ’tis the season, after all :).

rhapsody + airfoil = music nirvana

17 10 2008

i’ve been a rhapsody subscriber for over 3 years now, and i still can’t get over how cool it is. listen to all the tracks you want, as often as you want, for about the price of one CD a month! what’s even cooler is that you can take all that music with you, assuming you have a device that understands their DRM. of course, i’m waiting for the day when DRMs will be a thing of the past, but as long as we’ve got them, subscription based licenses beat any other kind hands down. rhapsody roolz!

with all of that great music at your fingertips, though, ya better have a way to play it back on your real system, not just some piddly earbuds. my brother dear gifted me an airport express a while ago, but it only works natively with iTunes, which has possibly the worst DRM ever. i can’t imagine how it became as popular as it is. blind $@!$# appladdicts! so anyway, this thing had been lying around pretty much unused, until i came across airfoil. this is a totally slick piece of software that can grab pretty much any audio stream from your machine, and pipe it to the airport. voila! the rich layers on a track like November Rain sound so much better over speakers such as, say, the Polk RM6900, than over your average $30 headphones. if you’d like to have over 5 million tracks in your collection, and listen to them on your home theater, get yourself a rhapsody subscription, and buy airfoil.