one for the books

5 11 2008

the united states voted in, for the first time in history, a black man as their next president. the fact that this is being made such a huge deal of indicates, i think, just how big an issue race still is in this country. i’ve been here for over 9 years now, and have always felt that this is a country of whites, with other races thrown in for flavor. i guess i’m naive, but i’ve always felt that the longer we continue to keep up these distinctions of whites and blacks, latinos and asians, we’re just perpetuating the divisions. i think the only way to transcend these divisions is to change our language completely. as long as we’re caught up in this framework of “us” and “them”, we’re raising the height of the walls that separate us.

anyway, am warming up to obama slowly, although i’m still cautious and waiting to see how far he actually acts on his admittedly inspiring words. i’m always skeptical about politicians and their promises. one positive indicator is his record on the invasion of iraq, which he has consistently voted against (a fact that he touted every chance he got during the primaries). i hope the american people will hold him to his words on that.