the israeli murder machine is at it again

2 01 2009

there is a word in hindi that has no real english counterpart – napunsak. loosely translated as eunuch, it is an epithet reserved for the very worst specimens of our species, the spineless cowards whose dastardly acts shame all of mankind. ehud olmert is a napunsak. seven days of relentless bombing of the gaza strip, one of the most densely populated places in the world, has left hundreds dead, and so many of these people were women and children. scores of homes have been reduced to rubble, and people whose homes are still standing cannot leave their homes even to get food and medicine.

after a brutal and criminal 40 year occupation, the israelis “gave” control of gaza to its residents, only to continue to strangle them by controlling their airspace, waters, and borders, even denying humanitarian aid to gazans at its whim. yes, ehud olmert is a napunsak.