this is my schedule, and i’m sticking to it!

19 10 2008

i can’t count the number of times i’ve sat on a weekend and berated myself for not managing my time better. typically, these sessions culminate in a brand new plan of action, which promptly get discarded come tuesday or wednesday. here we go once again. after the move last weekend, i’ve had a pretty chaotic week, what with the added commute time, the u-haul truck fiasco, and transforming the new apartment from a complete pig sty into something a little more habitable. the first casualty of all of this has been work, and with a looming deadline, it’s time to get things straightened out a little. so, without further ado, i present my new weekly schedule:

ok, so i also need a plan to keep to this plan. one thing that will help this time is that a lot of this stuff i have to stick to just because of the commute. the main challenge is always in sticking to the work hours, and not getting sucked into the various time-sinks that are out to get me on the web. maybe the reason i have so much difficulty staying focused on work is that i don’t really like what i’m doing all that much. or maybe i’m just lazy. ooooh, totally forgot to add vipassana to the schedule. want to get back to sitting down on a regular basis. will have to add that to the wake-up routine. man, it’s tough caring for a baby!